Tips and Tools:

Enhancing the Modeling Experience

iRise Studio was designed for ease of use right out of the box. Most common tasks can be completed by a new user with a minimum of trial and error, and little or no training. As with most powerful modeling systems, however, experienced users have quite a few tricks up their sleeves to improve their efficiency, increase the quality of their work, and generally enhance the modeling experience.

In this tutorial, we’ve aggregated many of these tools and techniques so you can take advantage now of the collective experience of hundreds of iRise users over several years.

Watch a Video

Watch this video to see some of these tips and tools in action.

Customizing your workspace

Although the iRise modeling environment was designed to maximize productivity, the ability to customize it to suit the task at hand should never be overlooked. Simple things like magnifying page content or hiding panels that decrease the size of your workspace can provide significant improvements in speed and accuracy.

Page Layout vs. Canvas View

Using keyboard shortcuts

As any habitual user of keyboard shortcuts will tell you, using your keyboard for common tasks and menu commands can greatly increase your efficiency. iRise Studio has an extensive list of keyboard shortcuts for doing everything from duplicating widgets on a page (Ctrl-drag) to switching between Simulation and Document View (F9).

A very concise list of the most commonly used shortcuts is provided below. The complete list is in the iRise Help System (F1), and the Studio Quick Reference Guide also contains an expanded list (Help > Quick Reference).

Spacebar Spacebar Pan tool
Ctrl-+ Cmd-+ Zoom in
Ctrl- Cmd- Zoom out
Ctrl-0 Cmd-0 Zoom to fit
Ctrl-F11 Cmd-Fn-F11 Launch simulation
Ctrl-Enter Cmd-Enter Duplicate widget
Ctrl-Up Cmd-Up Select parent
Ctrl-Left Cmd-Left Select next peer
Ctrl-Alt-Left Cmd-Option-Left Align left

Setting your Studio preferences

Not all of the options available in the Studio Preferences dialog will have a huge impact on your productivity, but at the very least, you should consider modifying the following defaults:

Organizing your projects

Simple projects with only a few chapters are relatively easy to maintain and keep organized. As projects become larger and more complex, however, project components can quickly become entangled and difficult to manage. To prevent your projects from getting out of control, use the Directory Panel to keep your projects organized and easy to navigate. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of the Directory Panel:

Leveraging existing content

iDoc iconEven experienced iRise users live by the mantra that you should never reinvent the wheel when building simulations. The ease with which you can import content from other projects means that you can collaborate with, be inspired by, and learn from other iRise users, either in the iRise community at large or within your organization. Here are some places you might begin your search for existing content:

Additional tips and tricks

The following quick tips should have you modeling like a pro in no time: